Dr. Viktor Dostov is the President of the Russian Electronic Money and Remittance Association, an industrial body representing major e-payments and fund transfer companies in Russia. As one of the leading experts in Russian retail payments sector, Dr. Dostov is heading REMA since its inception.
Dr. Dostov participates in the workings of core national consultative and expert bodies on retail finance, including Presidium of the Consultative Council on AML/CFT with the Russian Financial Intelligence Unit, Expert Council on non-bank financial institutions in the Committee on financial market at Russian Parliament. Since 2013 he contributes to the workings of the Expert Council attached to the Government of Russia as well. In 2014, Dr. Dostov was appointed a head of the AML/Identification Taskforce under the aegis of the Russian Central Bank Working Group. Since 2015 he is a deputy head of the "Internet + Finance" Taskforce on the use of information and telecommunication Internet network in the domestic economy in the formation of its new technological basis and in the social sphere.
Dr. Dostov is a member of the Supervisory Board of the National Payment Council and chairs the Committee on Electronic Money and Mobile Payments of the ‘National Payment Council’ Association.
As a part of his international work and commitment to the innovative financial inclusion as well as implementation of global AML/CFT standards Dr. Dostov contributes to the projects by CGAP, FATF, Eurasian Group and others. He also represents Russia at the AFI Digital Financial Services Workgroup.

Viktor Dostov teaches the following courses: