Andrey Karsakov is a Lecturer at High Performance Computing Department and a Research Assistant at eScience Research Institute and represnts Visualization & Computer Graphics research team that focuses on R&D of interactive visualization and VR tools for variety of applied research fields (healthcare, medicine, city sciences, hydrometeorology, decision support, etc.).

Andrey’s major research interests are data visualization, 3d modelling, computer graphics, user interfaces and application of AR/VR. Andrey has 6+ industry experience in terms of visualization and computer graphics and extensive experience in national and international R&D projects. He also actively takes part in the development and implementation of supplementary educational activities for graduate students using various educational approaches (game-based learning, project-based learning, etc.).

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Office hours

Time: Wednesday 1 pm - 3 pm, Friday 11 am - 1 pm (by appointment)

Place: ITMO, Birzhevaya liniya 4, office 102

Andrey Karsakov teaches the following courses: