Psychology of Cyberspace

Entry requirements: Basics of psychology, anthropology and sociology

Credits: 4

Course: Elective

Language of the course: Russian


Learning outcomes:

  • To confidently use the following terminology: cyberspace, social Internet service, interiorization and exteriorization of sign system, psychological security of personality, mental health, constructive and destructive information, manipulation, personal identity, psychological resilience, resilience resources, protective factors.
  • To use the potential of online services for professional purposes, minimizing threats for mental health and psychological security of personality
  • To master safe interaction by means of cyberspace
  • To use cyberspace for professional purposes, maintaining personal identity and resisting to manipulations
  • To identify risk factors in interaction with cyberspace
  • To use skills of psychologically safe existence in cyberspace


  • Psychology of cyberspace basics: Definition of cyberspace, social online service, psychological patterns of human existence online; basics of psychology of information search, concepts of interiorization and exteriorization of sign system.
  • Psychological security of personality: Definition of security. Security criteria. Types of security. Social security. Information security. Psychological security, its levels. Definition of personality (personality structure according to B. Ananiev), personality in social network system (A. Prozvatilov). Criteria of psychological security of personality.
  • Psychological resilience: Definition of psychological resilience; Risks for mental health in cyberspace; concepts of constructive and destructive information, concept of manipulation, means to counteract manipulation, concept of personal identity. Types of psychological resilience. Diagnostics of psychological resilience.
  • Psychological resilience resources: Social, environmental, natural, mental resources of psychological resilience.
  • Cyberspace and psychological security of personality: Psychogenic risks of cyberspace, techniques of coping with them.
  • Psychologically safe existence in cyberspace: Workshop in forming psychological resilience to psychogenic factors of cyberspace-related risks.


Lectures, labs and practice sessions

Attendance is mandatory. Students can not miss more than one class without prior warning. Admission to the final exam is based on completion of all laboratory assignments.