Business Languages and Professional Adaptability

Entry requirements: Basic knowledge of native language, foreign language, psychology, anthropology and sociology

Credits: 4

Course: Elective

Language of the course: Russian


Students will learn:

  • To master methodology of language acquisition
  • To develop own language potential and use language as means of intellectual development
  • To employ language both verbal and symbolic as a tool of business communication and adaptation when faced with professional challenges
  • To understand the role of business languages in the system of solving professional tasks in IT support for financial processes
  • To conduct professional dialogue with native speakers and representatives of other cultures with the help of universal business languages
  • To use adaptation skills when faced with professional challenges


  • Definition of language. Language in philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, psychology.
  • Language as derivative of activity: Definition of activity. Communication as activity. Language as communications device.
  • Professional communication. Key concepts of Noam Chomsky's theory of language as derivative of activity.
  • Language as sign system: Key measurements of human activity. Man-man system, man-machine system, man-sign system, mixed systems of interaction. Language as sign system in complex human interaction, including professional activity.
  • Psychology of language acquisition: processes of interiorization and exteriorization of sign system. Language practice as process of language interiorization. How to acquire languages. Language and memory.
  • Business language phenomenon: Language as verbal phenomenon, non-verbal languages, sign language, mathematics as language. Languages of international communication. Definition of business languages as systems of cross-cultural and cross-language communication. Accounting system as traditional business language. Project management as international business language.
  • Concepts of adaptation and adaptability: Adaptation in biology. Adaptation in psychology. Positive and negative adaptation.
  • Adaptability as measure of adaptation. Adaptation and psychological resilience. Adaptation in professional sphere. Situations of professional challenge. Strategies of overcoming professional challenges according to the personal resilience type.
  • Use of business language as a device for professional adaptation. Impact of knowledge of business languages on personal professional adaptation of a FinTech specialist.


Lectures, labs and practical sessions


Attendance is mandatory. Students should complete all the assignments.