Financial Cybertechnologies

Entry requirements: Basic understanding of terminology: financial market, financial institution, financial regulation

Credits: 3

Course: Core

Language of the course: Russian


  • Introduction to innovations: automation and robotization in finance
  • Abstract thinking skills, analysis and synthesis of financial technologies and indicators
  • Ability to act in non-standard situations arising in financial market
  • Ability to master state-of-the-art and prospective development areas of infocommunication technologies and communication systems
  • Review of financial market regulation methods based on its various properties


– Sectorial financial technologies: payments and transfers (e-wallets, mobile points of sales, online acquiring, digital money); investment consulting, asset management (automated and algo trading, robot advisors); financial management, financial planning.

– Cross-sectorial financial cybertechnologies (integration of financial processes)


Lectures and practical sessions


Attendance is mandatory. Students should complete all the assignments, cases and course work.