Quality Assurance of Critical Software Systems

Entry requirements: Basic programming skills, understanding the structure of financial sector, analytical skills

Credits: 5

Course: Elective

Language of the course: Russian


Learning outcomes:

  • To define functional and non-functional requirements that determine the reilability of critical software systems, key processes of quality management and its elements
  • Main means to achieve functional realibility of the system: minimization of errors during development, error identification and debugging during exploitation, and reduction of consequences caused by misfunctioning of the system
  • Threat landscape analysis for automation systems of financial enterprises
  • Methods of verification and attestation of critical software systems


Students will learn:
– key concepts of critical software systems
– examples of critical systems in finance
– means to retrieve security requirements for critical systems from the analysis of possible dangers and risks
– main electonic systems and databases for gathering and analyzing scientific and technical information (Scopus, Web of Science, SinceDirect, Mendeley)
– indicators of program products


Lectures and labs


Attendance is mandatory. Students should complete all the assignments. The final grade is based on the student performance throughout the course.