Simulation Modelling of Financial Systems

Entry requirements: Basic skills in modelling and programming, knowledge of concepts and definitions of statistics, finance and economic systems, analytical skills.

Credits: 5

Course: Elective

Language of the course: Russian


Valentina Guleva


Students will learn to:

  • Formulate problems, methods and algorithms of simulation modelling of financial systems
  • Adapt and efficiently employ methods of parameter identification and validation of financial system simulation models based on real data
  • Analyze the structures of financial economic systems
  • Mathematically model economic development, growth and micro-economic processes
  • Master the technologies of configuration, testing and practical implementation of financial system simulation models
  • Design architecture of software systems that implement financial system simulation models


  • General concepts of simulation modelling
  • Methods of modelling random events and variables
  • Methods of modelling random processes and fields
  • Methods of modelling discrete stochastic objects
  • Simulation modelling of bank's operations
  • Simulation modelling of stock trading
  • Simulation modelling of bank-to-bank interaction
  • Simulation modelling of client activities
  • Software systems of simulation modelling


Lectures and labs


Attendance is mandatory. Students should complete all the assignments. The final grade is based on the student performance throughout the course.