User Interaction and Recommendation Systems

Entry requirements: Algorithms and data structures, design patterns

Credits: 6

Course: Core

Language of the course: Russian


Students will learn:

  • Means and methods of human-computer interaction
  • Main stages of user interface development
  • Principles of ergonomic information organization on the computer screen
  • Key approaches to testing user interface


  • Introduction to human-computer interaction: Human-computer interaction, its birth and development. Human-computer interaction means.
  • Human-computer interaction interface: Human-computer interaction interface. Key definitions. Interaction models. Abstraction level and interaction styles. Ergonomics.
  • Design and prototyping: Main stages of user interface development. Development of prototypes of various levels. Technical aesthetics. Principles of ergonomic information organization on the computer screen.
  • Planning and testing user interface: Testing user interface for usability. Product usability. Testing objectives. Key approaches to testing.


Lectures and labs


Attendance is mandatory. Students should complete all the laboratory assignments. The final grade is based on the student performance throughout the course.