Big Data in Financial Technologies

Educational Track: 11.04.02 Infocommunications technologies and communications systems

The Master's Program aims at training professionals highly skilled in information technologies, able to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of Big Data in financial systems. The Program covers:

  • development and practical realization of methods of processing, analyzing and aggregating Big Data in finance with the help of machine learning;
  • creation, debugging and configuration of mathematical models to research and predict financial and economic processes with the help of predictive modeling;
  • development of mathematical, algorithmic and program support for decision-making in financial management on various levels (user services, banks, regulators, stock exchange, etc).

The relevance of the Master's Program draws on the global trend towards the transition of the financial activities into cyberspace and the demand for such skills as complex modelling, data retrieval and analysis, and creation of science-driven financial and banking solutions.

The Program's goal is to train professionals competent in retrieval, processing and analysis of Big Data, including the development of predictive and simulation models to create new financial services and banking products, as well as research and teaching activities connected to Big Data.

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