Mathematical and Program Support for Global Financial Systems

Educational Track: 09.04.02 Information Systems and Technologies

The Master's Program aims at training highly qualified professionals, able to design, develop and maintain mathematical and software engineering for the global financial systems and stock markets. The Program covers:

  • development and practical realization of models, methods and algorithms of efficient data processing in finance;

  • design, development and debugging of software packages, data warehouses and internet services supporting global financial systems;

  • implementation and maintenance of solutions based on financial information technologies in a wide range of activities (banking systems, stock exchange, insurance companies).

The Master's Program reflects the current trend for further globalization of financial technologies, for virtualization of various human activities and their cyberspace interpretation. The Program focuses on training IT and programming professionals initially oriented on industrial development of high-reliability software for critical financial systems.

The Program's goal is to train highly skilled professionals competent in creative software design of the global financial systems and services, mathematical modelling and financial data analysis, as well as in the areas of research, analytic and teaching, connected to financial technologies.

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